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At WiredCasting, we’ve custom-designed a casting solution that gives filmmakers the choice between auditioning actors in-person, or auditioning actors online. To audition actors online, you can simply invite an actor to submit a self-taped audition, and view their audition online minutes after you’ve posted your breakdown!

On WiredCasting, filmmakers always decide whether their project will employ traditional, in-person casting, or remote, online casting. Search for actors all over the US, or just in your neck of the woods. Click the “create project button below to get started!

Check out our video to learn about the benefits of Wired’s remote mobile casting solution.

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Filmmaker FAQs

Do actors get to choose the type of auditions I conduct?

No. On WiredCasting, you’ll always determine whether you’re conducting live auditions, or remote auditions.

Can I invite half of the actors to a live session, and the other half to audition online?

Yes you can. This is a popular feature, especially if you want an actor to read for a role, but perhaps they live far away.

Can I screen actors online first, and then schedule a live call-back session later?

Yes- in fact, this is one of the most common use cases on our site. Online auditions are a great screening tool to save both your time, and the actor’s time as well.

How soon can I expect to view an audition after I create my breakdown?

Seconds after an actor records a remote audition, you’ll be notified via email, and can view the audition instantly.

If the character I’m seeking online auditions for doesn’t have sides, what do I do?

As a rule, you should have sides if you’re inviting an actor for an online audition. But if you do not, then upload Instructions explaining what you want to actor to do during their audition.

Can I select the multiple cities that I want to invite actors from?

Yes, you can actually cherry pick the cities that you audition actors from, or you can choose to audition actors everywhere in the US.

How do Actors Audition Remotely?

Actors will either record themselves on a smartphone or a tablet, usually with the aid of a reader.

If I need filmmaker help, who do I contact?

Contact us anytime at help@wiredcasting.com