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Our Mission

At WiredCasting, we have two major goals: Connect talented filmmakers and actors all over the US, and offer actors and filmmakers a choice between in-person and remote castings. That’s how we’re different, and that’s how we’re better. Go ahead and submit to our projects to land your next creative gig!

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Actor FAQs

How Do Your Featured Hollywood Projects work?

When WiredCasting posts a “featured project,” (which always features a nationally-recognized writer, director or producer), actors all over the US can audition. Once the actors are cast, we’ll select a production partner that resides near the majority of the local actors. Having established a talented roster of film producers all over the US, WiredCasting can enable you to audition for the most talented and esteemed projects during the casting process, and then later bring Hollywood to your home town during production.

Where can I use WiredCasting?

WiredCasting is a service for actors that live outside the greater LA area. If you live in or near LA, please visit our website designed for LA actors: HollywoodCastingandFilm.com.

What types of Membership Does WiredCasting Offer?

A free WiredCasting membership will enable you to create a free online profile where filmmakers can contact you and invite you to audition for their projects. A Premium WiredCasting membership is $14.95 monthly, and will enable you to submit, confirm, and record online auditions. To activate your free premium trial, select our month-to-month plan and type in the code: getwired and receive your first 30-days of membership at no cost (cancel online anytime.)

Where do the auditions from this website come from?

Filmmakers from all over the US post their projects on WiredCasting. If auditions take place far from your home, you can always submit and record remote auditions, and only travel if cast.

How do remote auditions work?

It all starts with the filmmaker. Filmmakers first decide what type of auditions they are seeking (in-person, or remote). When you do receive a remote audition, you are able to automatically record your audition through a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), and the audition will automictically be sent to the filmmaker.

Is this an established company/website?

Yes. We’re a Hollywood-based company that launched an LA-based service for actors called: Hollywood Casting and Film (hcandf.com.) and have been serving actors for over 5 years. We have a 4.5 star rating on Yelp! And have been written-up in Variety Magazine. We’ve shot short films with writers and directors with credits including TV shows such as Criminal Minds, Parenthood, NCIS, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Band of Brothers, Once Upon a Time, and Ray Donovan. After serving actors in LA since 2012, we launched WiredCasting to fulfill our dream of launching a nationwide casting platform that can connect talented actors and filmmakers all over the US.

I want to get started right away. What do I do?

After signing up for our free trial, you’ll simply click the “SUBMIT FOR AUDITIONS” button located on this page to start submitting for auditions. On this page, you can filter auditions based on your gender, age, ethnicity, and union status.

What makes WiredCasting Different from other casting websites?

WiredCasting actors have the ability to audition remotely for projects after receiving a remote audition invitation From a filmmaker. We also place a high priority on recruiting projects on our site beyond the entertainment hubs of LA and NYC.

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

Contact us at help@wiredcasting.com