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terms & conditions

Welcome to WiredCasting. Here's a few guidelines pertaining to our service.

Free Trials and Membership Terms

If you have become a premium member though our free trial please be aware that you be automatically billed monthly 30 days after the day you have activated your free trial. You are free to cancel your service at any time before the 30 days have expired. Once the 30 day free trial period has elapsed, you will be responsible for paying in full each subsequent payment. Refunds can only be issued after WiredCasting member has indicated they wish to cancel services, or if the member can point to an error in which WiredCasting staff did not cancel the member's membership in a timely manner. Users can cancel their services anytime on the website.

After signing up for WiredCasting premium member service, all members will be fully responsible for cancelling service, and determining if WiredCasting services are being fully utilized.

For WiredCasting members that subscribe to a multi-month plan (6 months, 1 year), funds for the full term of service will be billed at the time of membership signup, and services will auto-renew and be billed each subsequent 6 month or 1 year period.