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Shoots January 10, 2019

Expires on 10th January 2019 in Valencia
Seeking Submissions from: Laramie

Web Series Union PAID

SPECIAL NOTE: Must be of Native American decent, wether United States or First Nations. Additional Project Info: Web-series pilot entitled "Blackwater" (Dramedy - 10mins). Log Line: Birdie Blackwater, a Native American country singer is sentenced to 180 days of wellness therapy after 10 years of reckless alcoholism. Production begins in early January 2019. Seeking an all Native American Cast. Auditions on December 20th. Paid roles, union. One very brief scene of partial nudity. Storyline: Birdie Blackwater, once a popular Native American country singer, has since gone into a downward spiral since her excessive drinking began 10 years ago. Upon moving back to her home reservation, barely clinging onto what little dignity she has left, Birdie is arrested for a barrage of drunken charges after lashing out at tribal police officers during a late night performance. The next day, tribal courts order Birdie to complete 180 days in a local wellness group and intense probation or face 2 years in prison for the culmination of her charges.

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